Lam Dong province: Improve the quality of vocational training for farmers

Created on Friday, 25 January 2013 11:11

(VNFU's website) - Lam Dong Center for Vocational Training and Supporting Farmers define the quality, effect of the work on vocational training for rural labor depending on 4 basic factors: Training expenditure, material facilities and vocational training equipment, teacher team, curriculum, teaching method and teacher, in which the trainee keep an important role.

Thanks to active participation of the trainees in the vocational training class and promoting the vocation after each training course, from the beginning of 2012, the Center for Vocational Training and Supporting for Farmers collaborated with the district, city Farmers' Union to statistic the learning demand of member, farmer, at the same time also investigated, surveyed the demand of using trained labor resource in enterprises, local...

Thence, the Center made the plan, vocational training direction according to the suitable industry, vocation. For example: In the first 9 months of 2012, the Center collaborate with centers, vocational training establishment in the province to open 2 short-term vocational training classes about techniques on planting and taking care the rubber tree for nearly 200 members in Da Huoai and Da Teh district; collaborated with Vietnam Motivation & Agricultural Machine Head of Company, Binh Dien Fertilizer Joint Stock Company, Song Lam 333 Fertilizer Company, Trung Thai Company... to open 37 training classes about techniques on using fertilizers for plants, repairing machine, agricultural tools in agricultural production for 3,770 trainees.

Besides, the Farmers' Union at all levels in over the province also collaborated with the Agriculture Division, Agricultural Extension Station, Veterinary Station, Botanical Protection Station in the local to open over 1,005 training classes, workshop on the field to transfer the science and technology for over 63,726 members.

To attract farmer positively, actively participating in learning agricultural vocation, the Center opened the vocational training classes sticking with the local project of production area and the trainee’s demand of science and technology knowledge. Thence, building the suitable, scientific training programme that ensures the content and quality according to the regulation, at the same time contracting with the teachers who have many experiences to lecture. The training period avoid the busy crop but coincide with the productive season of plant, domestic animal. Sticking the theory with practice and visiting the reality; sticking the lecture of teacher having experience with taking “farmer teach farmer”...

With the vocational training class of raising poultry, the trainee knew clearly the technique on raising, can recognize, distinguish the diseases of the domestic animal, therefore they have the preventive measures, treat the disease timely, take the initiative in taking care according to the technical process. In fact, the vocational training classes were opened from the beginning of this year to now that impacted on the members, farmers’ awareness of the vocational training work of the Party and State for the rural labor.

The trainees see the effectiveness of the vocational training to themselves and their family. Therefore, they became the propagandists to propaganda positively the vocational training work, improve the quality of the human resource in the agricultural, rural industrialization, modernization process.

However, the work on vocational training still meet many difficulties, for example: the labor’s awareness of career is not high, the budget for the field of vocational training is limited, almost material facilities are rent or borrowed, the training period of the vocational training classes is short, few practical hour, lack of practical equipment, machine.

Next time, the Center for vocational training and supporting farmer of the province Farmers’ Union will actively collaborate with the Farmers’ Union at all levels, enterprises, company, local authority to do the job settlement after vocational training well. At the same time, advising the province Permanent Farmers’ Union to direct the Farmers’ Union at all levels propaganda actively, improve the members, farmers’ awareness of the guideline, policy of the Party, State and the local policy about vocational training and job settlement for the rural labor.

Source: Cao Dien (Lam Dong Farmers’ Union)   Translator: Quynh Hoa

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